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Shipping + Returns

All orders that contain an in stock item should ship out within 72 hours of the time your order is placed. If your order contains a product listed as a "PRE-ORDER" then your order will not ship until all items are available. Shipping times vary by country and what your order contains. Orders containing 5+ patches, any accessories (pins, etc) and large items (jumpers) will ship with tracking. You will receive an email to the email address used to place the order, with information on status of your order, such as, when it has shipped, which will contain additional tracking information. Orders that consist of 4 or less patches, do not shit with tracking, as due to the nature of our free shipping abilities, tracking is not offered on standard first class flats.

We do not accept returns on accessories. We only will accept a return on jumpers if the sweater has never been worn and is in the exact condition you received it in. All returns that result in a refund, will be refunded as store credit.

Exchanges & Refunds:

We only accept exchanges on jumpers, that meet the same criteria as listed in the returns section above. Exchanges will only be granted if the desired product you require is available in our stock.

We do not grant refunds on pre-ordered items after 3 days. Please, take this into consideration before placing an order that consist of an item listed as a pre-order.

Missing Orders:
If you believe your order has gone missing, please send an email to