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A more detailed FAQ section will be available soon. 

Order Processing / Shipping:

We try to get orders out as fast as possible. Due to the volume of orders we receive, we do get behind quickly. Typically we ask for 5-7 business days to process and ship your order, excluding orders that contain noted pre-orders and back-ordered items. Orders consisting of only patches, typically do not ship with tracking. Orders containing products such as lapel pins, apparel, etcetera, include a tracking number. When your order ships, you will receive confirmation with the appropriate tracking information. You may use this info at http://track.ballandchainco.com. All orders ship via United States Postal Service from North Carolina. 

Do you ship to my country?
We ship worldwide. Patches ship worldwide for free. Other products ship free in the US and international orders require appropriate shipping charges. International rates are calculated by the USPS during check out, which we then lower by $1.50.

My order was returned to you, now what?
If your order was returned to us and the issue was not our mistake, we will kindly ask that you cover the shipping charge back to you. 

Will you be restocking this product?
We restock specific products occasionally, but most products are produced in "limited quantities". Please subscribe to our mailing list for restock alerts and more.

I am interested in featuring B&C in...
Please direct all press request to: press@ballandchainco.com

I want to carry B&C in my store.
Please send store information (Name, Buyer Name, EIN, url and brief description of your store) to info@ballandchainco.com

I want a refund!
Sorry. Please refer to our TERMS page for additional information.